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The active presence of the National Library of Iran at the
2017 IFLA Conference

IFLA is an independent, non-governmental, international and nonprofit organization. IFLA's objective is to promote international understanding, cooperation, dialogue, research and development in all areas of library science, including bibliography, information services, and staff training, and to create an organization through which international aspects of librarianship can be presented. Accordingly, every year, a conference will be held at various librarianship and information centers and will invite all librarians from all over the world to invite articles in various subjects.
The IFLA conference was held in Poland, in August 2017, and nearly 3500 librarians from 126 countries participated in this great gathering and shared their experiences with other colleagues.
Librarians from the National Library of Iran also participate in the conference each year. Their presence in 2017 was more significant than in previous years. 5 articles from National Library of Iran were presented in this conference. The researchers of these articles were able to inform their experts about their experiences and activities to other conference participants.

The presence of the National Library of Iran at the 2017 IFLA Conference




Subjects of the articles which have been presented at the conference by the librarians of the National Library of Iran are as follows:
1- Implementing virtual reference services for children and young adults in the Iranian Children National Library website
2- National Library of Iran in the midst of War of the Cities
3- Web-based citation : a new metric for evaluating scientific journals
4- The Experiences of National Library of Iran in Developing of the Indigenous Tools of Cataloguing and Classification
5- Iranian Library and Information Science Association (ILISA) in Service of Civil Society: A Pattern for Middle East Countries
These articles were written in specialized librarianship areas such as information organization, information services, and the use of specialized information retrieval tools or in public areas such as the functioning of libraries in the community or the activities of local and national associations.
The inclusiveness and comprehensiveness of the subject matter of the articles indicates that National Libraries as a cultural platform in today's societies can provide diverse services to the library community and other segments of society. The function of the National Library is not limited to the book's lending to its clients, and today there needs to be more expectations from a librarian and expert working in the National Library of countries. National Libraries enjoy an important place in the cultural structure of a country and must have its own functions in all aspects of societies and each group of its own audiences.

The presence of librarians at the National Library of Iran at the 2017 IFLA Conference



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