Message from the Head of the National Library and Archives of Iran on the occasion of the fourth meeting of the heads of the national libraries of the ECO
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Message from the Head of the National Library and Archives of Iran on the occasion of the fourth meeting of the heads of the national libraries of the ECO

In the name of God


Ladies and Gentlemen,

(As a librarian), It's you who are trying to remind people that they are all created from a man and a woman; it's you who tell them that their messengers always love them, recommend them to avoid violence and use human knowledge to practice life with peace and calm.

You remind them that awareness is the right of every human being, and that he can enjoy his right by studying and using human knowledge. Library is the symbol of knowledge where the results of scientific achievements and teachings of thinkers and scientists are accumulated in. Today, we have gathered to help exposing more effectively the treasures of human knowledge to the public, and, by announcing the protection of this enormous capital, pave the way for giving access to four corners of the human knowledge, science and thoughts.

As the head of the National Library and Archives of Iran, I am glad that after a long time, we were able to come back together and discuss our most important and common issues and strategies in the region. We need to take this opportunity as a boost and to work more than ever to maintain scientific knowledge and human resources.

We must all remember that book, culture and thought have always been our (common) precious heritage for humanity; A legacy that we should not easily miss or forget. It was our common cultural heritage that led us to live together for decades with peace and tranquility and become a role-model for a peaceful world in the contemporary world. We should not forget that we are all the descendants of the prophets who had a single voice, as well as those of the prominent figures like Ferdowsi, Khwarazmi, Maulana, Iqbal Lahori, Rudaki, Nasser Khosrow, Nezami Ganjavi, Mohammad Ghazali, Abu Nasr Farabi, and so on and so forth who taught us that before war we think of peace, before violence, we think of friendship and before hatred we learn to love.

Earlier, the fathers of our culture and literature have taught us to live based on morality, fortitude and tolerance, and today all of us must remind this way of life to the world. Once again, I would like to appreciate the warm hospitality of the Tajikistan's National Library, my colleagues at the Secretariat of the Summit in Tehran, the Cultural Institute of ECO, and the Embassy of Tajikistan in Tehran, (and all those people perpetrated this occasion) who have been working intensively in recent months to provide this opportunity for us to sit together and talk after 7 years of respite. I hope that we all can meet each other in the coming years in another cradle of culture, art and civilization in the region and talk about our plans and our common positions.

Dr. Ashraf Boroujerdi

Head of National Library and Archives of the Islamic Republic of Iran

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